T1 1971 pickup

Blue Volkswagen T1 pick-up

Price: €5800,00

This Volkswagen T1 pick-up is custom build, so it’s not an original  pick-up. It used to be an Volkswagen Combi with the top stripped off. So that it could be used as a pick-up.The pictures posted beneath show the solid state of the bottom of the car. The only thing that should be repared is the pads where you can place your lifting jack. The cargo area needs some work because of the state of the floor. But that is nothing a little weldingwork couldn’t fix. So if you have some welding skills in your arsenal it shouldn’t be much work to turn this vehicle into an sure eyecatcher.

Are you the one for this unique car? And are you looking for a project to pimp it to its full potential? Then this might be the car you have been waiting on.

If you are intrigued or interested please contact me using the link shown below.